Ingrid Rothe, Brand and Marketing Strategist, VIVID Thinking

The Communication Styles Workshop was highly engaging and well presented. Understanding the different communication styles and how to identify the preferred styles of others enables me to interact with my clients and colleagues more effectively and ultimately provide them with a better service. Highly recommended.

Jo Dolan, Righting Writing

  Annie’s Communication Styles Workshop is a great learning experience and provides a very important tool for small business owners who deal with a wide range of clients. Understanding the different communication styles make for more productive communication with each client – a winning outcome for everyone!

Brendon Groves, Naturopath, Groves Natural Therapies

A powerful, inspiring workshop. Communication skills are essential in my practice. The workshop gave me a deeper insight into each patient’s style of communication and helps to improve their health outcomes.

Keiran Breckenridge, Everingham Solomons

The practical application of Annie’s teachings from her excellent Communication Styles Workshop have really resonated with me. I am now able to identify the different communication styles of my clients and see where some impediments may be to resolving the issues with the person with whom they are dealing. I am also better equipped to adjust my own communication style … Read More

Angelo Saavedra, Cool Webing

Annie’s communication workshop for business owners/managers was fantastic. It was dynamic and enjoyable. Annie encouraged participation and I was really engaged with the content. Annie’s communication workshop helped me not only to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of different communication styles, but also to recognise my own communication style. In this way, I can be more effective in building trust … Read More

Deborah Hunter, Rusden St Physio

We asked Annie to come into the practice (to conduct a staff development program) because we thought it would be a great idea for our staff to have some training in how to communicate with our clients more effectively and how to understand their issues – because we all have different needs and different ways of hearing things. The outcome … Read More