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Annie launched her new business name, Annie K Communication Matters in late 2014, to reflect her area of specialisation. This unique business provides individual communication coaching and group workshops for business owners, professionals, leaders, and their staff. Voice coaching is also available for individuals who have a public speech to make, a presentation to give, a job interview or an acting audition coming up.

You’re originally from Sydney? What brought you to Armidale?

“I came to Armidale in 2002 to complete my Social Science degree at UNE and then an MBA. I enjoy the rural lifestyle while being just minutes from my office in town.”

Annie brings to her communication practice a unique combination of qualifications and experience.

I understand you are also a professionally trained actor?

“I trained professionally at The Ensemble in North Sydney and have enjoyed many years of musical comedy, and theatre. I also ran my own business, as Elly the Clown for children’s birthday parties.”

Your programmes focus on communication. Why is that?

“Communication lies at the heart of every human interaction. It has a direct impact on the quality of our personal and professional relationships. Understanding the different communication styles that people use, can improve our interactions.”

What inspires you?

“I am passionate about helping people develop the communication skills to achieve personal, and professional success. I also love being involved in projects in the local community and in productions with the Armidale Drama and Musical Society.”

I notice that ripples feature a lot in your imagery. Why is that?

“Annie K programmes focus on creating positive ripple effects with the people around us through effective communication. Our communication has an impact on others – positive, neutral or negative. When people pass our communication on to others, this creates a ripple effect. Emotions are a good example of this. Many of us have experienced the ripple effect of joy flowing through the audience at a concert, or the excitement fl owing through the crowd at a sporting event.”

You have strong knowledge in the field of communication.

“Human interactions fascinate me and I love learning as much as I can about the different ways we communicate with each other. This is why I love theatre and film. We can learn so much about the human condition from great storytelling. It’s also important to keep learning in our rapidly changing world. So I combine formal studies with practical experience in the workplace and the community.”

What can we expect from Annie K Communication Matters in 2015?

“In 2015 I will be providing individual communication coaching and group workshops in Armidale. I think it’s important that I pass on what I have been lucky enough to learn so far.”

Annie is an active member of the Armidale Business Chamber and will be the keynote speaker at the New England Enterprising Women’s Breakfast on 12 February.

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