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Annie Keoghan, founder of Annie K Communication Matters is an award-winning consultant in the field of communication and personal development.

Annie K believes that our heartfelt communications can create a positive ripple effect that benefits ourselves, those close to us and our broader communities.

Annie K is an inspirational public speaker who brings to her keynote presentations a unique combination of qualifications and experience. She has corporate expertise in training and presentation, a background in professional acting, experience in operating her own small business, as well as a wealth of life experience.


Engage award winning communication and training expert Annie Keoghan as an inspirational speaker to present a keynote talk or workshop at your next conference or team building event.

Annie speaks on a range of topics for leaders, professionals, business, women in business, for both large and small groups. Annie K is happy to prepare guest presentations that are tailored to meet the interests of the community or professional organisations who seek to engage her as a public speaker.

Hope and Joy – How life’s challenges and its opportunities have inspired my professional and personal choices leading me to focus my life’s efforts on helping people to advance their professional success and personal wellbeing through effective use of communication skills.

Professional  Success and Personal Wellbeing Skills for Women in Business – how women can develop strategies to strengthen their people skills, reduce the stress of over-committing, and balance their personal and professional priorities.

Communication Barriers and Solutions 
Misunderstandings, mixed messages, confusing body language are just some of the common barriers to successful communications.  Annie K  will share effective solutions to overcome such obstacles and improve our interactions.

Communicating with Confidence – the key to strengthening business and personal relationships
Communicating with confidence  requires recognising the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive communication. Critical skills include learning how to say no, being appropriately assertive about timelines, and giving feedback in an assertive way. Expert communication tips that will help you communicate with confidence. Annie K can tailor her content to address corporate and community groups.

Effective Teamwork – Are your staff all pulling in the same direction? Professional tips that will help you enhance your team’s collaboration skills, improve their teamwork skills, and build team relationships.

Improve Your Bottom Line by Improving your Business’ Customer Service Skills
Understanding your customer is key to business success. Top tips to strengthen your customer relationships.  Quickly identifying your customers’ priorities and preferred communication styles could take your business from a great business to an extraordinary one.

Networking Skills Matter
Many of us find networking events challenging and even confronting.  Are you guilty of hiding behind the tea table or talking to only those you already know? Even the most introverted amongst us can learn how to thrive at networking events. Annie K can help you successfully navigate networking events.

Additional Expertise

Annie is an accredited practitioner in the following:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • DiSC Model Systems
  • Team Management Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence Systems (BarOn EQ-i)
  • Management Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i)


Associations / Memberships:

  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Institute of Training and Development
  • Armidale Business Chamber (Board Member)
  • NSW Business Chamber


Simple Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Present with Confidence
Would you rather swim with a hungry shark than stand up in front of a group and speak? Statistically you are not alone. Annie K will share with you simple and effective techniques that will help you shine and present with confidence.

How Improving your Business’ Emotional Intelligence can Improve your Bottom Line
Is your emotional radar highly functioning or is it barely functional? Do you avoid emotional situations in the workplace at all cost? Do you know when your staff or customers are unhappy? Improving your emotional radar can help you quickly respond to difficult staff dynamics and challenging customer interactions.  Annie K will share with you the essential components that will help you increase your business’ emotional IQ.

Tailored Keynotes to Suit Your Organisation’s Event Theme
Contact Annie K to discuss your unique needs.


In 2015 Annie K Communication Matters was the proud recipient of the Armidale Business Chamber 2015 Excellence in Business Ethics Award, and was a Business Awards 2015 Regional Finalist – NSW Business Chamber.

Education and Qualifications

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Human Resource Management)
  • Graduate Certificate in Training and Development
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology / Marketing and Management)
  • Diploma of Business (Frontline Management)
  • Diploma of Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)
  • Certificate in Professional Acting (Ensemble Studios)

Contact Annie

Annie Keoghan
Mobile: 0418 630 209

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