Personal Development

Award-winning consultant Annie Keoghan specialises in personal and professional development training programs, essential people skills, and communication programs. Annie K also offers professional development programs for Women in Business.

Achieving our personal goals and managing our health and wellness is often lost amongst competing pressures most of us experience in our increasingly frenetic communities.

Individual Coaching

Annie K Communication Matters works with people who wish to develop their personal and professional skills, or want to refocus their life goals. Anne K supports them with the motivation and tools they need so they can reach their physical and emotional wellbeing goals.

Annie K is a highly qualified communication, HR and training specialist with a proven track record in personal and professional skills development.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a life coach as, “A person employed to help people attain their goals in life”. Life coaching focuses on helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Skilled at drawing out your dreams, goals and skills, Annie K works with individuals to explore their potential and achieve personal wellbeing and professional success. One on one coaching can help you with:

  • Goal setting
  • Assertiveness – Communicate with Confidence
  • Public Speaking and Presentation skills
  • Voice Coaching and Expression for Maximum Impact
  • Communication, Personality and Behaviour
  • Developing your Interpersonal Skills for Success


Annie K also offers small group public workshops for individuals and small teams addressing popular topics such as:

  • Communication, Personality and Behaviour
  • Communication Styles for Business Owners, Leaders and Professionals
  • Women in Business
  • People Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills

Annie K is a highly qualified communication specialist who is committed to the ongoing development of people so they can explore their potential and achieve personal wellbeing and professional success. Annie K believes that our heartfelt communications can create a positive ripple effect that benefits ourselves, those close to us and our communities.

Annie K has the personal and professional experience and the extensive training needed to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Annie K today and take the first step towards achieving the life you aspire to.

Some of our happy clients...


In 2015 Annie K Communication Matters was the proud recipient of the Armidale Business Chamber 2015 Excellence in Business Ethics Award, and was a Business Awards 2015 Regional Finalist – NSW Business Chamber.

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